Warm Family-Like Preschool

Oh my god this school is amazing. All the beautiful teachers are warm, caring and passionate educators. They give such amazing attention to the children in their care and their learning techniques. You can trust you children will be treated with respect and love. Communication with teachers is always open and full of respect. My daughter is a strong and amazing individual because of the teachers at this preschool. Thank you so very much for being such amazing role models.


Past Parent

We still talk about our experience. It’s one we will never forget.

Oh Montessori how we miss you. We had our son go through years and years ago and we still talk about our experience. It’s one we will never forget. It’s good to see the faces we saw back in 2006 till 2008 still there. Keep up the great work.

Past Parent

My children have all thrived and the results are absolutely impeccable…

I have been a parent at this school since 2012, My children have all thrived and the results are absolutely impeccable. All Children are treated with care and respect by the amazing, highly experienced and supportive staff. 
You will find independent children who are encouraged not only do things for themselves but also to think for themselves. You will find children who have learnt how to explore and solve problems for themselves. Most importantly you will see small children who are often perceived as only being aware of their own needs helping each other and who, without being asked to, will put things away and perform acts of kindness purely to benefit the group as a whole.
Anyone can open up a childcare or preschool but As a Mother, Teacher, Aunt and sister…I can confirm that you can’t find one with the true qualities and educational benefits that Bankstown Montessori preschool has to offer close by.

Layelle A.


Fostering independence and encouraging personal growth

Bankstown Montessori has been a lovely environment for my child, who is in her final year of the three-year program. The teachers are attuned to the students’ needs; fostering their independence and encouraging personal growth. I am pleased that the Montessori set-up has allowed my child to find and develop her own interests, whilst also ensuring that her education gets the holistic head-start each child deserves. Saddened to see her move on to primary school next year!

Nadine C.


Very Grateful

My daughter recently graduated from the 3 year program and is excelling school.  She is reading and writing, her teacher is constantly amazed by how much she know.  The teachers and staff at Bankstown Montessori work with each child individually to help them succeed. I’m very grateful for being able to send my child there.

Fadila C.


Loving Montessori

My son is loving Montessori and is constantly talking about the fun things he learnt. He loves talking about what animals are mammals and what animals lay eggs. The staff at Bankstown Montessori are friendly and nurturing. My son loves attending the school.

-Hamza J.

High School Teacher

Loving and caring environment

Both my children have benefitted from the Montessori program offered by Bankstown Montessori Preschool.

The staff are professional and take those extra caring steps in supporting my children individual needs, which in turn allows my children to develop at their own pace in a loving and caring environment.

Individually my children have been enriched with practical life skills, social life skills and have been nurtured above both  mine and my husbands expectations.

The teachers are always willing to assist you in any questions you may have and are always supportive in anything you may require for your child.

Bankstown Montessori Preschool provides a beautiful and unique environment and experience for your growing child.

-Rebecca W. B.

Proud Mummy

Welcoming and nurturing

I currently have a child in this school since 2017 and since the beginning they have been nothing but welcoming and nurturing towards my child.  Following the Montessori method, I’ve seen great progress in his development. I would absolutely recommend this preschool/kindergarten.

-Lateefah C.


The most amazing school

The most amazing school environment and learning concepts, fantastic teachers and incredible results after my kids completed the 3-year program. Highly recommended!

– Aby M