Bankstown Montessori Pre-school 2018

Bankstown Montessori Preschool 2018 has been a busy and successful year. As well as our usual program of work, activities at the centre have included our reunion afternoon tea for past students, Jeans for Genes day for the Children’s Medical Research Institute, simultaneous Story time and book reading by parents to celebrate book week. The week was also celebrated by a whole school excursion by bus to Bankstown Library for books, games and storytelling.

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Bankstown Montessori Pre-school reunion afternoon tea
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Bankstown Montessori Pre-school children were visited by The Children’s Medical Research Institute


Parent’s came to the school to read books to the children for National book Week 2018

Incursions have been provided each term by the Young Aus Workshop with shows involving storytelling, dancing, music, songs and puppetry. Two terms of soccer football skills were provided by the Red Devil’s Soccer Academy with an opportunity for parents to attend a lesson and see how the children were progressing.

Red Devils Academy Soccer

Other interesting and great learning experiences were provided by Andrew, Abrielle and Alanna who came from The Children’s Medical research institute to explain about cells, genes and chromosomes and why it’s so important we help. We also undertook a workshop on first aid especially devised by First Aid for 3-6 year olds.

first aid

We held our own commonwealth games to coincide with the real event. We had some unusual sports and it was great fun for both teachers and children.

The extended day children have made two excursions – one to Calmsley Hill  Farm and the other to see a theatre production at the Riverside Theatre.

Our Science Fair was again very successful. this year we had some additional publicity from the local paper.

The theme was ‘Volcanoes’ and the fair was well attended by the school community. We again received a grant from the National Science Week school grants committee and we were able to obtain a ‘Museum in a Box’ on rocks and minerals to supplement our science displays.

A graduation concert and lunch was held last week. Poor weather initially intruded but we managed the new day quite well and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves. The children are always excited to put on this event.


Other exciting things this year have been an information stall at Bankstown Children’s Festival, Community Bunnings sausage sizzle and planning and open day at the school.


We thank all the staff, committee members and parents who contributed and participated in helping the school this year. We are very thankful.

Bankstown Montessori Preschool

The Children’s Medical Research Institute and Bankstown Montessori Pre-school

In term 3 Bankstown Montessori Pre-school participated in raising funds for Jeans for genes Day. The children were encouraged to wear jeans to school, bring a soft teddy and gold coin in with them. Our wonderful teachers took the time to briefly explain cells and how it makes every person unique. Our small school was happy to raise $100 for the great cause and received a certificate from Children’s Medical Research Institute.

In term 4 the school was visited by Andrew, Abrielle and Alanna from the Children’s Medical research Institute to explain the important work they do for the community, taking the time to explain what cells, DNA and chromosomes are. The children had so many things to say and questions to ask and by the end of the talk, they were all trying to see if they could see their own chromosomes through their skin without using a microscope.

We thank the Children’s Medical Research Institute for taking the time to visit us and help educate the community of all ages.

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Bankstown Montessori Pre-school’s Spring Newsletter

Since the last update our school has been kept busy with events and ongoing programs.

We started the term off with a wonderful fundraiser for ” Jeans for Genes ” day. The children were encouraged to wear jeans, bring in a soft toy and a gold coin, successfully raising $100. The children were very proud to receive a certificate for their participation!

A science fair for National Science Week was held on the second week of August with the theme ‘Volcanos’. There was a lot of learning done by all the children prior to and on the day of the fair. The children had been working hard practicing and preparing their experiments to present to their family and friends on the day. With the aid of our helpful teachers Karen and Denise, our school was able to receive a science grant for the second year in a row from the School Grants Committee. Along with the experiments there was a rock and mineral display and a parent picture science challenge that many of the guest participated in.

2018 Science Fair

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We were very fortunate to be published in the Canterbury-Bankstown Torch newspaper and Facebook page. Take a look:

Maria Montessori – 31 August 1870

After the success of having YoungAustralia Workshop at our school in term 1 and 2 , the teachers decided it would be a great idea to have YoungAus come each term to perform for the children. The shows were very professional and interacting with opportunities to expand knowledge and increase the children’s connection with theatre. This term we chose a puppet show called –

A little bit of Blue
“An interactive environmental detective story told through puppetry. As well as helping to unravel a mystery, students will learn about the extraordinary habits of Bowerbirds and why they are so fascinated by the colour blue. The story begins with strange disappearances from Mrs Mavis Hooley’s home. Only little things are going missing – some clothes pegs, a tea cup, a ball of wool. But then the thief takes it just one step too far. Mavis calls in a detective to investigate and the children help him to solve the case. ”


The extended-day children also visited a theatere to see ‘Red Racing Hood’. This featured both live performers and puppets and proved to be a big hit with the children who thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

Our school joined in on Book Week organised by CBCA. Each year, the CBCA brings children and books together celebrating book week.
For Book Week the children went to Bankstown library to read books and listen to two very talented librarians read and play out a story from a book as well as play some book games. Every afternoon of book week , parents came in to read a story of their own choosing to the children, while a book stall was available outside the classrooms for anyone wanted to purchase new books.

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Parents from the school came together at the last minute to organise an information stall to be held at the Children’s Festival at Paul Keating Park in Bankstown.  The teachers from the school kindly took the time out of their weekend and came on the day to help hand out flyers and speak one-on-one with interested parents who wanted to know more about what goes on in the classroom. We would like to thank the parents and teachers who gave up their Sunday to help out. 

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We have exciting things happening at our school and we have been very busy! Look back here to find out what else has been happening.