Welcome to Bankstown Montessori Preschool’s Website.

“Education in Harmony with Life”

Bankstown Montessori Preschool is a non-profit community based organisation. The school was established in the year 1986 and has been giving a Montessori education to 20 – 40 students every year.

The aim of the school is to create a secure and harmonious environment which aids children’s natural growth and development, following the traditional values and principles of Maria Montessori. This predicates a belief that all children are natural learners. We are committed to encouraging children to have a love of learning and develop their independence. Emphasis is given to assisting children to realise their own potential in all areas – social, intellectual, physical and creative. Consideration and respect for others is a core value of our school.

The above statement is supported by

  • a child centred program where activities in all curriculum areas are presented individually to children.
  • children profess at their own pace.
  • provision of fully equiped classrooms with Montessori material in all curriculum areas.
  • materials accessible to children can choose freely and easily.
  • family grouped classes of mixed ages and genders
  • each classroom headed by trained Montessori Directress aided by experiences Assistants.
  • diversity of centre is acknowledged and embraced by the community of Parents, Staff and Children.

Our culturally diverse school is run by trained Montessori Staff. Bankstown Montessori Pre-School’s P&C meetings are held once every school term to update parents on any events that are happening at the school and discuss any extra information parents may need about the classroom.

Parents considering enrolment are invited to observe the classroom in session to familiarise themselves with the educational approach. The school enrolment policy and current fees are available upon request.

For more information on the school and enrolments, please contact us on (02) 9728 1279 or email us at

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