The Montessori Environment and the Pre-school Programme

The Montessori Early childhood programme (3 to 6 years of age) spans over a period of three years following the traditional values and principles of Maria Montessori. Dr Maria Montessori developed an educational environment which provides the young child with specifically designed activities and beautifully crafted, self correcting materials appropriate for growth and development. This allows the child to work to his / her ability in a safe and non-competitive environment. Respect for the child and the child’s work in the class is first and foremost.

Learning to balance the freedom of choice with responsibility is another important aspect. The children are mixed in age and ability enabling younger children to learn from older children and allow older children to develop leadership qualities and further their academic and social skills. 

Areas of activities in the classroom

The Sensorial Area consists of self correcting materials for the child to explore and understand the abstract concepts and qualities of objects.

The Practical Life Area consists of daily living exercises from the child’s own culture and provides a link between home and school. It fosters the growth of independence, development of coordination, order and social skills.

The Language Area aids the total language development of the child. The activities are designed to enrich the vocabulary and enhance communication skills in preparation for writing and reading.

The Mathematical Area provides materials that lay the foundation for the development of the “mathematical mind”. Various mathematical concepts, geometry, the decimal system and its operation (additional, subtraction, multiplication and division) are presented in concrete form.

The Cultural Area provides experiences and activities in music, the arts, natural sciences, history, biology and geography.

The Montessori Method

What is the Montessori Method?

The Montessori Method was developed and refined by Dr Maria Montessori who believed that education begins at birth and that the first six years of life are the most formative, both physically and mentally. Montessori felt that young children have a natural urge to learn and that they must be helped to do this in a secure environment through exploration which facilitates the natural development of valuable learning skills.

The objective of the Montessori Method are the development of the following personal attributes for each child:

  • Self confidence and self esteem 
  • Concentration and coordination
  • Initiative and independence
  • Sense of order and inner discipline
  • Love of learning 
  • Creative expression

Bankstown Montessori Pre-school 2018

Bankstown Montessori Preschool 2018 has been a busy and successful year. As well as our usual program of work, activities at the centre have included our reunion afternoon tea for past students, Jeans for Genes day for the Children’s Medical Research Institute, simultaneous Story time and book reading by parents to celebrate book week. The week was also celebrated by a whole school excursion by bus to Bankstown Library for books, games and storytelling.

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Bankstown Montessori Pre-school reunion afternoon tea

IMG_8251 copy
Bankstown Montessori Pre-school children were visited by The Children’s Medical Research Institute


Parent’s came to the school to read books to the children for National book Week 2018

Incursions have been provided each term by the Young Aus Workshop with shows involving storytelling, dancing, music, songs and puppetry. Two terms of soccer football skills were provided by the Red Devil’s Soccer Academy with an opportunity for parents to attend a lesson and see how the children were progressing.

Red Devils Academy Soccer

Other interesting and great learning experiences were provided by Andrew, Abrielle and Alanna who came from The Children’s Medical research institute to explain about cells, genes and chromosomes and why it’s so important we help. We also undertook a workshop on first aid especially devised by First Aid for 3-6 year olds.

first aid

We held our own commonwealth games to coincide with the real event. We had some unusual sports and it was great fun for both teachers and children.

The extended day children have made two excursions – one to Calmsley Hill  Farm and the other to see a theatre production at the Riverside Theatre.

Our Science Fair was again very successful. this year we had some additional publicity from the local paper.

The theme was ‘Volcanoes’ and the fair was well attended by the school community. We again received a grant from the National Science Week school grants committee and we were able to obtain a ‘Museum in a Box’ on rocks and minerals to supplement our science displays.

A graduation concert and lunch was held last week. Poor weather initially intruded but we managed the new day quite well and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves. The children are always excited to put on this event.


Other exciting things this year have been an information stall at Bankstown Children’s Festival, Community Bunnings sausage sizzle and planning and open day at the school.


We thank all the staff, committee members and parents who contributed and participated in helping the school this year. We are very thankful.

Bankstown Montessori Preschool

Practical Life Activities

What are Practical Life activities?


IMG_3877 copy
Sink and Float

Practical Life activities are the activities of everyday life and they are involved in all aspects of life. The child observes there activities in the environment and gains knowledge through the real experiences of how to accomplish life skills in a purposeful way. These activities are cultured and specific to the child’s time and place.

Practical Life activities help give the child a sense of being and belonging, established through participation in daily life with us. Through practical life the child learns about his culture and all bout what it is to be human.

Generally the activities of practical life revolve around four areas:

1. Caring for the self

IMG_4214 copy
Learning how to sew on a sewing card.

2. Caring for the environment

Bankstown Montessori Pre-school’s garden patch is coming along beautifully, thanks to the love and care and time our Montessori kids have been putting into it everyday.

Bankstown Montessori Pre-school’s garden patch is coming along beautifully, thanks to the love and care and time our Montessori kids have been putting into it everyday.

3. Grace & Courtesy

IMG_4210 Original copy

4. Movement of objects

IMG_4010 copy
Opening and closing lids

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There is another area which encompasses all four areas and which is a very important part of practical life, namely food. Practical life activities are an integral part of any Montessori environment.


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